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It’s Time for Zabbix 6.0

Even though 6.0 was previously announced as arriving in “January” during the Zabbix Summit 2021… it’s finally here!

This new major long-term support version of Zabbix, brings a slew of new features, improvements and fixes to Zabbix, your monitoring infrastructure.


  • Service monitoring
    • Complete redesigned for 6.0
    • Flexible service state calculation logic
  • High Availability
    • Native opt-in HA cluster configuration
    • Define a single or multiple stand-by nodes
    • Monitor status of the Zabbix server cluster nodes in real time
  • Detailed and efficient Zabbix audit log schema
    • Creation, modification, or deletion of new objects
    • Discovery of new entities via LLD
    • API commands
    • User logins/logouts
  • Zabbix performance improvements
    • Improved Zabbix proxy performance and memory usage
    • Improved performance for Zabbix server and Zabbix frontend
    • Reduced history table size
  • Improved Zabbix Agent2 modularity. New Zabbix Agent items and functionality
    • Obtain additional file information such as file owner and file permissions
    • Collect agent host metadata as a metric
    • Count matching TCP/UDP sockets

A bunch more improvements are available in the new Zabbix 6.0 release, which you can find out all about here!

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