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About Tips, Templates and Guides! serves to give you, a struggling Zabbix Server administrator and user, tips, knowledge and new ideas about using and administrating Zabbix.

Generally there are three categories of posts:

  • Tips – Small tidbits of information that can save you time and effort – Each tip is tagged with “Beginner”, “Intermediate”, “Advanced” or “Expert” so you know what you’re getting into in advance!
  • Templates – Downloadable templates that each have specific monitoring purposes. All templates come with an explanation of how they work and detailed instructions on how to implement them correctly into your setup.
  • Guides – These cover larger topics like, installing a Zabbix Server from scratch or advice on setting up your database back-end correctly. Guides will take you from A to Z on a subject that requires a more thorough write-up to fully illustrate and clarify it.

I hope you’ll find the site useful and may your alerter processes forever be 0% busy!